About Us

Agribite's vision is the empowerment of agriculture. Everything we do is for the growth of the Ag industry to ensure it's sustainability for future generations to come. We connect the Ag community together to strengthen the bonds within as well as create new ones. We believe that when people can communicate, great things can happen.

What Is Agribite?

The innovative online social directory aimed to help the agriculture community. Agribite is built with the sole purpose of connecting the agriculture community with vendors, clients, organizations, and friends. Signing up gives you a personal profile to begin connecting now! You can also create a Business Page after personal membership is complete. Find out more here.

Agribite Benefits For You Include...

  • Instant web presence for you or your agribusiness and its free!
  • No-cost directory listings.
  • Supporting Agribite shows your support in the growth of agriculture.
  • Agribite provides you with the ability to market to a focused audience within the agriculture industry.
  • Easy to use and simple to manage.
  • This is your online platform for professional or social usage in the Ag community.

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Why We're Here.

Agriculture is a key industry in our society and whether or not the average person understands this, the truth still stands that there is a dangerously widening gap between consumers and producers. Without a correlating increase in the Ag industry workforce to accompany this steady rise in population, consequences could include farmers and ranchers being overworked and consumers being underfed.

The Social Directory

On top of being a place for connections in the Ag industry, another key feature is it’s growing directory. Members within Agribite have the option to create their own Business Page. Once created, your Business Page is added to it’s directory of online listings in agriculture free of charge, allowing you to be exposed to a whole new market.

About Personal Profiles (Required to create a Business Page)

Show off your Ag experience and background to let others know what your passions are. This profile allows you to connect and keep in touch with others on a more personal level than your Business Page. Let others know your a proud member of the agricultural community.

  • Upload a profile photo.
  • Post agricultural or professional background.
  • Set tags to convey past experience and interests.
  • Connect with friends, vendors, breeders, employers, producers, the list goes on and on!
  • Create a Business Page.

About Business Pages (Individual membership is required to create Business Page)

Business Pages are here to give all Ag industry members a place online to display their products, livestock and services. They have been designed to be easy to use and give agribusinesses a chance to connect with their specific market audience in a professional environment.

This is also where a business will post any upcoming events such as sales or auctions that are then displayed on other following member's home feeds. Main features include...

Why would I want to create an Agribite profile? I'm already on other networking sites.

Other networking sites cater to a different and more general audience.

They aim to please everybody.

We aim to please the agricultural crowd to help agriculture grow.

We don’t implement anything without considering it’s value in helping to create a more stable and prosperous agricultural environment.

Plus we offer free directory listings for your agribusiness. Can’t get better than that!